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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've been using my cleaner for years, why should I use Mint Locker?"
    Quite simply, Mint Locker is the most convenient dry cleaning and laundry solution available! That burdensome, stress filled drive to the cleaner to try and get your clothes before they close is a thing of the past. We never close, so you can drop off and pick up your order whenever is most convenient for your schedule. We’re revolutionising the dry cleaning and laundry industry, and we invite you to join us!
  • What are Mint Locker's hours? How late are you open?
    Mint Locker has 24 hour availability, meaning we are always on your time. Our lockers are never closed and can be accessed at any point throughout the day. Public locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Private locations may have limited hours of access, depending upon rules of the location.
  • How do you know what locker my clothes are in?
    When placing an order online, via text, or on our mobile app, one of the things we ask for is the locker number. Using your Mint Locker garment bag also helps, in case you dropped off your items and forgot to place an order. Your garment bag will have a bar code which tells us whose account the bag belongs to, so that we can process them correctly.
  • Do I need to lock the locker when I drop off my clothes?
    YES! YES! YES! Please don’t forget to lock the locker whenever you place an order. Locking the locker is the security keeping from someone walking away with your precious clothes. All unlocked lockers will have a vertical knob. After placing your dirty clothes in an available locker, simply enter a 4-digit code of your choice and turn the knob horizontally. This will lock the locker and ensure your clothes are safe.
  • Is my laundry safe?
    Absolutely! Only you and a Mint Locker employee have the code to your locker and clothes.
  • How do I get a Mint Locker garment bag?
    Your clothes will be returned in a Mint Locker garment bag after your first order with us. This is your personal bag and yours to keep. Yay, free stuff! Please use this bag when placing future orders as it is linked to your Mint Locker account. If we notice your bag is getting worn, we will replace it, no problem.
  • Do I have to use my Mint Locker garment bag when placing an order?
    No, using the bag isn’t a requirement but doing so will help in getting your clean clothes back to you as quickly as possible. Since each bag is linked to an individual account, this helps reduce times in operations, meaning clean clothes in your hands quicker.
  • What is the turnaround time? How long does it take to get my clothes back?
    Providing quality cleaning is at incredibly important to us, so we work to balance speedy turnaround times with the highest quality service possible. Most items are available for pickup within 1-2 days of placing an order.
  • When will my clothes be cleaned and delivered to a locker?
    Although we are open for use 24 hours a day, we pick up orders starting at 10am. Given this pickup and delivery schedule, all orders placed before 10am will be picked up the same day and orders placed after 10am will be picked up the next calendar day at the latest. Turnaround is 1-2 days on average.
  • What locker will my items be returned to?
    Once your order is ready, we will send a text and/or email with your new locker number and 4-digit code to retrieve your items. Your clothes may be in a different locker at the same Mint Locker location where you placed your initial order.
  • Am I assigned my own locker?
    No, lockers are not assigned to anyone. Simply place your items into any unlocked locker (vertical knob), lock the locker, and place your order.
  • Do you alter or repair items?
    Yes we do. When you place an order, let us know which items need to be altered or repaired in the “Notes” section of “Place a New Order.”
  • How do I let you know if I have special instructions for my order?
    When you place an order, you can let us know your special instructions by filling out the “Notes” section of “Place a New Order.” Special requests, depending on the work needed for each, may delay turnaround times.
  • How to you keep track of all the clothes and ensure I'm getting the right clothes back?
    We place a tiny barcode on the tagging of every dry cleaned item. This helps us track items from the moment they’re picked up to when we deliver them back to you using our software. Doing so helps in reducing any errors.
  • I need to get shoes and clothes taken care of. How does this work?
    Place your order as normal in any available locker. We will pick up your shoes and clothes at the same time. Shoe repairs and cleaning typically take a little longer than dry cleaning and laundry, so clothes will be returned first in most instances.
  • Is my credit card information safe with Mint Locker?
    Yes, we do our best to ensure the privacy of all user information. No Mint Locker employee has access to any user credit card information.
  • I'd like Mint Locker in my residence building or office building. How do I get that to happen?
    That’s a problem we’d love to solve! Shoot us an email at and we will get the wheels rolling on how to get Mint Locker in your life.
  • I received a damaged item in my return order. What do I do now?
    Oh no! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by any and all damaged items. While we strive to provide the highest quality service and strive for zero damages, sometimes these things happen. If you received a damaged item from us, please send us an email at with an explanation of the damage and photos if possible. We will do everything in our power to fix the problem.
  • I'm confused. How do I place an order?
    It’s easy, we promise! First, register for an account. When those dirties pile up and are in need of a cleaning, simply place your laundry into one of our open lockers (vertical knob). Once your laundry is in the locker, enter any 4-digit code and turn the knob horizontally. Keep this 4-digit code safe, you’re the only one who knows it. Finally, you can place an order in one of three ways: online, text, or on our mobile app
  • How do I place an online order?
    Log in to your Mint Locker account and place your order by selecting your location and locker number. It’s just that easy!
  • How do I place an order via text?
    Make sure the phone number you are texting from is linked on your account. Once that’s done, simply text the locker number (e.g. “101”) to 702-830-7774. We’ll take care of things from there.
  • How do I place an order on the mobile app?
    Open the app and log in to your account. Simply select your location and locker number and you are all set!
  • How much does all of this cost? What does your pricing look like?
    Say goodbye to surprises on the receipt. Our extensive price list can be found on our pricing page.
  • Are there any fees to use Mint Locker?
    Absolutely not! There are no fees to use the lockers or create an account. All of our pricing is done a la carte, meaning you are only charged for the items you have cleaned. That’s it!
  • I wash a lot of clothes! Is there any way to save on my laundry costs using Mint Locker?
    Of course! Be sure to keep an eye out for Mint Locker emails for special promotions and flash sales.
  • I have an item I need cleaned but don't see it on your price list. What do I do now?
    Not a problem at all. Just shoot us an email at with a brief description of the item you need cleaned and we will get you a price on it.
  • How do I pay for my clothes?
    Within your account, click on “Credit Card Settings” and enter your billing information. Mint Locker will bill your account for every item you place in our lockers. An itemized receipt will be sent to you once your order is checked in, so that you can ensure all items are accounted for and that there is no surprise in price. However, the card on your account will not be charged until your order is returned for pickup. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept cash or check for payment.
  • How do I add a discount to my order?
    Did you see a promotional discount on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or through email you’d like to take advantage of? Simply log into your account and click on “Discounts.” Once there, insert the discount count into the appropriate field and submit. You can refresh this page to view your discounts.
  • I've tried to add a discount to my account but I'm getting an error message. Why?
    There are a couple of reasons you could be receiving this error message. Check your discount and make sure it’s not for first time users only. If you’ve already placed an order, this coupon will not work. If you are a first time user but the discount still isn’t working, click on “Discounts.” If there’s already a first time discount in your cart you will not be able to add a new discount. Should you have any other issues or want to swap the discounts, shoot us an email at and our Customer Service team will help you out.
  • Can I use two discounts at once?
    No, more than one discount cannot be used at a time.
  • Why am I being asked to swipe my credit card to enter a kiosk location?
    Since Mint Locker never closes, we use this as a security method. We want to ensure that your clothes are as safe as possible at these locations at all times. Only credit cards in the database are granted access and unlock the door. This prevents someone from just walking in and damaging or stealing your items. Don’t worry, your card is not charged when it’s swiped.
  • Is my credit card charged when I swipe it to enter a kiosk location?
    No, we promise. No money exchanges hands when your credit card is swiped. This is just a verification to ensure your items are as safe as possible.
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