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Laundry Plans

Monthly Laundry Plans

Sick and tired of the chore that is laundry? Fear not, our monthly laundry plans have you covered. With our monthly laundry plans customers reap the benefit of not only 20% off standard wash & fold prices, but also reap the added benefit of more time on their hands to do what they love as we take care of that daunting task. With 3 different types of monthly laundry plans available 24/7 there's sure to be one tailored to your lifestyle needs.

Individual Plan
Couples Plan
Family Plan
Pounds in Plan
30 lbs
60 lbs
100 lbs
Rollover Pounds
15 lbs
30 lbs
50 lbs
Approx. Usage
1 load every other week
1 load every week
2 loads every week
Price per Pound In Plan
Price per Pound After Plan
Term Length
30 days
30 days
30 days

Sign up for your 24 hour monthly laundry plan today to

save both money and time

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