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Provide Fully Automated Clean Towel Service for Residents 24/7

Take away the hassle of dealing with stocking, cleaning, and maintaining pool towels for your property, all while providing clean towels with round the clock availability for your residents. Mint Locker will provide clean towels or you can use your own branded towels which will be available to residents 24/7, 365 days a year using our Pool Locker service. In a recent one month test, Mint Locker had 100% of towels returned using this service, resulting in a $1600 savings for the property from unreturned towels.


How it Works

  • Every unit is provided with a custom fob.

  • All towels are RFID by Mint Locker.

  • Residents can remove towels 24/7. Locker monitors which residents remove towels and return/do not return.

  • Towels are cleaned and stocked by Mint Locker 24/7. Your pool area is more organized and clean, with your maintenance team now able to focus on maintenance issues, not clean pool towels.

  • Software notifies Mint Locker driver when 30 towels are remaining and locker needs restocking. You will never run out of clean towels.

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