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Services Offered

Dry Cleaning & Laundered Shirts

Need that blazer cleaned up for your next big meeting? Have your favorite shirt or dress you’d like freshened up for an upcoming date? Spill coffee on your slacks after another long day at the office? No worries! Mint Locker is here to take care of all dry cleaning needs under the sun.


Handling and taking care of your dry clean items is of the utmost importance to us. Every item in every order is manually coded and tracked for complete transparency and visibility. Once items are checked in, we take time to ensure all buttons are undone and stains are treated before cleaning so that your dry cleaned items come back looking brand new. Once your items have gone through our eco-friendly dry cleaning process, clothes are individually pressed and finished, ensuring your items come back looking as crisp as possible. Your items are then bagged and placed into your very own Mint Locker dry cleaning garment bag for pickup. With 24 hour locker availability and 40+ locations throughout Las Vegas, dry cleaning and laundry has never been more convenient.

Wash & Fold

There’s nothing worse than the painstaking chore of having to organize and fold your clothes to put away after doing the laundry. Fear not, Mint Locker is here to completely remove the hassle.


No need to ever deal with the chore of doing your own laundry ever again! Simply drop a bag of the wash and fold laundry you’d like done inside one of our lockers and place your order. For just $2.50/lb, we’ll get your clothes washed, folded up and organized, and delivered right back to you. Laundry is a now a chore of the past - less time cleaning and folding means more time for fun!


Have items around the house that you’re not quite sure how to clean? A comforter that’s seemingly been around forever but has never been washed? A sleeping bag making everything around it smell like campfire? Don’t worry, we don’t just clean clothes - we can take care of that too!


Dry cleaning is our specialty, and that isn’t limited to just clothes. If there’s an item around the house that needs to be cleaned, chances are we’ve seen it and done it before. Comforters, blankets, mattress pads, curtains, bed name it, we clean it.

Repairs & Alterations

The disappointment of ripping a hole in our favorite pants is an unfortunate ordeal we’ve all had to go through. The stress of figuring out where you could possibly get a replacement that fits so well and looks so good can be painful. With Mint Locker’s repairs and alterations, having to find that replacement is a worry of the past.


Save that trip to the store for a new pair of pants and save those favorites that you love so much. We have seamstresses on staff ready to make the repairs and alterations you need. Tear a hole in your jacket? We’ve got it taken care of. Have pants that just a tad bit long? No problem, we can hem those up. Got a zipper that has broken? We can replace that for you. No fix is too big or too small.

Shoe Service

Shoes can make any outfit pop. So when yours are looking or feeling a little under the weather, Mint Locker is here to get them back into tip top shape.


Kick your shoes off and relax. Whether you just need a fresh shine, a heel repaired, or standard sole repair, we have cobblers on staff ready to bring your shoes back to life. Get your dry cleaning and shoe repair done together in one simple trip.

All services can be found on our Price List.

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