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Minimal Design Apartment

Request Residential Lockers

Provide 24/7 Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service to Your Residents for Ultimate Convenience

With busy lives, residents can always use convenient solutions to put time back on their side. Mint Locker offers this amenity to commercial and residential locations with our dry cleaning and laundry service. We will install lockers within the building, allowing residents to drop off and pick up their orders 24/7, and put the location on our daily pickup/drop off route. Whenever a resident places an order, it will be added to our driver route for pickup. Once the order has been cleaned, it will be dropped back off at the same location for pickup by the resident. Having to hurry to the dry cleaner before they close is a worry of the past - all of this can be taken care of right at your property!

Want to offer your residents the convenience of 24/7 dry cleaning

& laundry? Contact Mint Locker today!

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